07 Nov 2012

Luxuries For The Poor

When a Frontgate catalogue arrives in the mail (by accident of course), I often find myself browsing the pages of in-home patio fire pits and wondering what type of rich person I would be. Would I be the type of rich person who buys a specially bred hybrid dog, like a

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19 Oct 2011

The Real Deal: Chris Carlsson’s San Francisco Bike Tours

Maybe the high school field trip memories are fresher for us, but I think it’s safe to say that organized tours aren’t really any young person’s thing. I remember visiting a water treatment center with my science class in 9th grade and asking a worker what the grossest thing he

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02 Sep 2011

Your Monthly Cycle: SF Bike Party Strikes Again

Struck by bike fever like the rest of this city? You’re in luck — a veritable horde of steel stallions is coming your way this Friday.  While most folks are currently bartering in the nude in Black Rock City, a dogged band of holdouts has stayed behind in San Francisco

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17 Feb 2011

East Bay Unwrapped: Berkeley Marina

Spring has almost sprung in the Bay Area, and you know what that means: prepare to fight for a plot on the beer-soaked, bohemian-smattered lawn of Dolores Park.  But it doesn’t have to be so.  Why not reconnect with nature in the beautiful and boundless Berkeley Marina? The Marina, with

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30 Sep 2010

Skullz Press Returns to Bender's Bearing Cheap Beer Tonight

It’s been a couple months since Mike Giant, San Francisco’s patron saint of beer, bicycles and tattoo art has thrown one of his always-legendary drinking and biking sessions at Benders in the Mission. If you’re looking to drink cheap beer with some attractive people under unflattering lighting than there is

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07 Oct 2009

This Weekend: A Bunch of FREE San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Events

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition does a lot of things for the biking community.  To name just a few, they put on all sorts of weekly rides and annual events (like Bike to Work Day), they advocate for improved street maintenance, better bike accommodations on the Bay’s streets, bridges and

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06 Oct 2009

The Rock Paper Scissors Collective

If you read Monica’s post about Workshop on Saturday, then you know that BAS loves DIY.  And the more the merrier, so here is another DIY hub in the East Bay. In the heart of the Oakland art scene is a little hole in the wall called the Rock Paper

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