23 Oct 2012

Explore the Symbiotic Relationship of Cordon Bleu Restaurant & Encore Karaoke

Cordon Bleu The symbiotic relationship that exist between a restaurant and the bar next to it don’t get much better or more mutually beneficial than the one that exists between Cordon Bleu and  Encore on California Street, just off Polk.  One serves cheap, delicious and hearty food, the other is

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28 Sep 2012

Oakland Eat Real Festival: Got $5?

The annual Eat Real Festival was upon us this weekend at Jack London Square in downtown Oakland. If you are a fan of ANYTHING food related, you would be remiss not to experience this festival. With the burgeoning street food trend and plethora of gourmet meals you can eat out

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26 Sep 2012

Howard’s Cafe, A True-Blue Diner.

Don’t order the specials Howard’s Café is a diner in the Inner Sunset.  Remarkable? Not particularly, and that isn’t to its detriment. American diners represent comfortable familiarity with a twist of that quality us State-Siders would like to think we invented: individuality.  They’re all very much alike, but with little

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07 Sep 2012

Oakland: A Walking Tour

I have always thought that the best way to discover where you call home is on foot. There is no better way to pick up the smallest details of your city streets. You will surely catch one out of every ten things from a car window but on foot you

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04 Sep 2012

Inner Sunset Classic: Art’s Cafe

                  Ye Olde Diner sign in the Inner Sunset Everything about Art’s Cafe is like the legs of a competitive swimmer: streamlined, muscular, each sinew working in harmony towards one goal, and shaved of every superfluity that might get in the way

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22 Aug 2012

Mexican Breakfast! all day at San Jalisco in the Mission District

              All day, everyday:get your Chilaquiles fix here The Mexican breakfast is the best breakfast. If you aren’t of the opinion that it is indeed the best, then I’m guessing you’ve never broken the taut, glistening surface of a fried egg yolk and watched

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17 Aug 2012

Commonwealth Cafe & Public House: The Perfect Spot for the Common Public

One of my very favorite places in Oakland to enjoy a pint has recently closed due to a kitchen fire. I’m not sure when re-opening is due to happen, but I hope it’s quick and relatively painless for those who run this wonderful establishment. Located on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland

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