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08 Feb 2011

Valentine’s Day at Café Du Nord (And Other Cheap Dates)

I’ve never been scolded for shameless self-promotion on this site so I’m assuming it’s kosher. Thus, I am now going to encourage you to attend my album release show at Café Du Nord on Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14th, for those of you who pretend not to know the date).

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07 Sep 2010

Sam Amidon Show and Interview

On Monday, September 13th I have the great honor of opening for Sam Amidon at Café Du Nord. Sam’s a folk singer from Vermont who reinvents old Appalachian folk songs into modern masterpieces. So I’m being a bit grandiose, but everything I hear about the guy is nothing but goodness!

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27 Aug 2009

Tonight: 6 Acts for $6 @ Hotel Utah Saloon!!

This Thursday night, Hotel Utah Saloon is playing host to ‘œRoots n’ Ruckus,’ a show promising an amazing lineup of local and touring musicians, and a lot of bang for your buck: 6 acts for $6 bucks’”a dollar a band?  That’s practically FREE! It’s gonna be a wild and eclectic mix:

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