27 Apr 2012

Happy Birthday, Broke-Ass Mom

Coincidentally, after talking about my Broke-Ass birthday coming up, another Broke-Ass mom friend of mine (Yes, that’s right folks, I finally made a “mom friend”) had her birthday last week.  Of course, I had to ask her what she did on her birthday.  She should be proud; it’s quite Broke-Ass-ish.

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23 Dec 2011

Broke-Ass Mom Cheapskates Through the Holidays

I began this year’s shopping for my two-year-old by following my own advice:  buy only one or two great gifts for your toddler/baby because that’s all they need (if that considering the mounds of presents they’ve already received from their grandparents).  My husband and I decided what my two-year-old REALLY

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21 Dec 2011

How to Navigate Your Job’s Holiday Party Without Completely Embarrassing Yourself

I attended my office holiday party last week– at a bar, at 2pm, glad to leave work 3 hours early. I work in a business casual environment, and– as I mentioned before– am not close friends with anyone in my office. In fact, I’m 89% sure that they all think

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16 Dec 2011

What does a Broke-Ass Mom want for the Holidays?

This is actually a harder question than it may seem.  Something about giving birth to another human being makes you not need or want as much.  Or at least that’s how it feels.  It’s hard to separate your needs and wants apart from your family’s.  But for everyone’s sanity you

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13 Dec 2011

Broke-Ass Guide to Being Alone on Christmas

 Spending Christmas alone is nothing to be ashamed of. Flights are expensive, maybe you don’t have the money to fly to see your family. Maybe you hate your family. Perhaps you are Jewish. Don’t let other people feel sorry for you- Christmas by yourself is awesome. If you find yourself

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09 Dec 2011

What Does a Broke-Ass Kid Want for the Holidays?

I thought I’d do a two-parter starting this week:  One part “What does a Broke-Ass kid want?” and one part “What does a Broke-Ass Mom want?”  You know what’s so great about kids?  Up until a certain age (I’ve yet to discover at what age this changes) kids love the

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08 Dec 2011

Join SF SantaCon this Saturday

It seems Christmas comes earlier every year. This Saturday, December 10th, hundreds, maybe even thousand of Santas will be taking over the streets of San Francisco for the SF SantaCon. Imagine the hilly streets flooded red, as all of these Santas stumble around screaming, “Ho, ho, ho.” Many of them

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