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30 May 2012

Hey Ladies: FREE Booze and Food at the Cocktail Brunch and Selling Soiree

  The folks at are hosting a workshop to show you how to get ahead on the secondhand sellin’. The local fashion/tech company will be at hyped new venue The Office (above Churchill) to get the party started. Bring your women’s clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories that you are

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18 Apr 2012

How to Celebrate a “Friend-a-Versary” (You Know, Like an Anniversary, Except with People You Don’t Smooch)

I’m a big ol’ fan of celebrations: parties, holidays, the “happy dance” that I perform in my room after I do my laundry and realize that I don’t have to wear ratty underpants anymore.  It doesn’t take much for me to throw my arms up in the air, and praise

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19 Mar 2011

Unisex Clothing Swap in Oakland

I’m always looking for reasons to travel to the other side of the Bay, and the prospect FREE clothes qualifies. This Sunday, Actual Cafe will be hosting a unisex clothing swap, and it looks to be a joyous affair. All you have to do is bring some decent clothes to

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17 Sep 2009

Swap! Not Shop! Biannual Oakland Clothing Exchange plus $1 Drinks

Homeygrown’s Biannual Clothing Exchange SWAP! NOT SHOP! is this Saturday the 19th at Soundwave Studios in Oakland.  Their loftier goal: to ‘œcounteract the disposable nature of consumerism by providing the time and place for shopping renegades to recycle clothes and other reusable items.’  Their lower goal: get you boozed up

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