17 Oct 2012

FREE Party for D-Structure’s 6 Year Anniversary w/ Motown on Monday, Afrolicious, Nikodemus and More!

My friend Devon Chulick wants you to party with him. Devon is one of the owners of D-Structure (DSF) and they’re turning 6 years old this Saturday. DSF is known for throwing parties almost weekly. Devon knows that some of you broke-asses love to dance, and don’t want to throw

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13 Apr 2012

Ping Pong and FREE Beer in The Lower Haight Tonight

The ever dashing Allan Hough is at it again with his Berlin Style ping-pong party American Tripps. This time it’s back in the Lower Haight at D-Structure. Never been before? It’s a shit ton of fun. Plus, there’ll be lots of FREE beer if RSVP here and get there early. I

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07 Mar 2012

D-Structure Presents: “The Beard Hunter” by Juliann Brown

“Is it possible to comment on the current state of fashion, culture, and the economy through the careful observation of men’s beards? ” This was the question asked by Juliann Brown as she took to the streets of our great city. Using the CC (Chris Cringle) Rating System, what Juliann

06 Aug 2010

FREE Booze, Music and More at the Lower Haight Art Walk

It’s summer in the city, and you know what that means — bone-chilling weather and the return of the Lower Haight Art Walk!  Once again, your favorite bars and businesses along Haight St. (between Scott & Webster, if you want to get real technical) will welcome you with activities, discounts,

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03 Jun 2010

Free Wine and Vice Courtesy of D-Structure

Vice has got to be one of the most popular words in the English lexicon.  People love it.  Apart from the obvious partaking, people love to gossip about it, watch it, read about it.  It’s like popcorn, very salty popcorn. Local purveyors of clothing/art/parties, D-Structure is hosting their First Fridays

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05 Feb 2010

All You Can Drink Beer at D-Structure Tonight!

D-Structure has bee doing a lot of dope shit lately that includes music, art, and most importantly, FREE beer.  Tonight is no exception. Starting at 8pm, the cerveza will be flowing in celebration of Michael Dabo Lopez’s art and installations.  And the best part is that if you RSVP here

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15 Dec 2009

FREE Booze and Music at D-Structure

So I’m actually running out the door right now to the pinche DMV to take care of something for my lady’s car, but I just thought I’d hip you all to this event. The fine people at D-Structure are killing it these days with FREE booze parties like the one

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