05 Jul 2018

One crazy, Fiery Week in the Bay Area

Welcome to your week in Bay Area news. We’ll hit on some key stories that matter here and give you some ideas as to what to do to decompress after a week of crazy. Here goes… Ghost Ship defendants take minimized plea deal Max Harris and Derick Almena entered no

02 Jul 2018

Families Belong Together: Protesters Outnumbered Inmates at Richmond Jail

Guest Post by Nevin Long Between 1,500 and 2,000 demonstrators amassed outside the West County Detention Facility in Richmond, California, Saturday as part of a national day of resistance against the Trump administration’s immigration policy. Their message was clear: families belong together. The rally capped off two weeks of intense

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21 Jun 2018

This week in news: June 21, 2018

There’s just no amount of sugarcoating in existence to make this week’s news any easier to swallow, and unless you live under a rock with no Wi-Fi, you already know that. But before we dive into that abyss, let’s touch on some stories that were buried under all the horrific

19 Jun 2018

Families Belong Together – Shut Down ICE

Via ResistanceSF Please join in standing up to this moral horror of family separations and imprisonment of immigrants and refugees at ICE’s SF headquarters, 630 Sansome, Tuesday, June 19, 1pm.  The Bay Area must come together against family separations, deportations, raids, and the fascist goon squad of ICE. #iceprotestSF #keepfamiliestogether

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