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07 Aug 2012

Susie Q’s Lunchbox: Cheap homage to Louisiana…

I’m sure when Louisiana-born Dale Hawkins wrote Susie Q in 1957, the last thing he thought it would spark was a Nola, Louisiana food truck (with a name that literally gives new meaning to the word food porn: Susie Q’s lunchbox, indeed) that sat in a parking lot in the

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25 Jul 2012

Sanguchon: Cheap Peruvian…

What’s to say about the Sanguchon Peruvian food truck that hasn’t already been said? I don’t know. All I can tell you is that the Chicharron sandwich, while being Peruano, tastes like a carnitas burrito, sans tortilla. Or, a torta, sans avocado. Their buns are, where do they have these

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21 Jun 2012

JapaCurry Make’a Me Hurry.

Curry. It’s a topic that makes people either cringe or drool. For middle America Americans that like baren shopping malls and cookie cutter existences, that have traveled anywhere to Southeast Asia, or the subcontinent portion, generally come home baning its existence. I actually know people like that. On the otherhand,

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