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11 Feb 2011

FREE Fool's Gold Show at the Clift Hotel Tomorrow Night!

So yesterday I was playing with BandMate, the coolest iPhone app ever.  Basically it’s the who/what/when/where/why of live music and includes tiny venues that I would probably never think to check, like Your Mom’s Sex Chamber.  (There isn’t really a venue called Your Mom’s Sex Chamber.  You wish, sicko.) Anyway,

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22 Nov 2010

FREE Comedy in 3D and The World's Only Pencil Musician

Looking for something to do tomorrow night?  How about comedy and watching someone make music with a pencil?  Yeah, you read that right.  Tomorrow Danny Dechi is hosting his weekly comedy show at the Rockit Room on Clement St.  While I don’t know who the comedians will be I do

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09 Jun 2010

Free Live Music at The Rumble SF

The Rumble SF is a monthly live music showcase from the people behind NoisePop and Treasure Island Music Festival. It’s been going on for a couple months now at a couple different venues in the city, (and it’s not just limited to SF, apparently) but this month I’m obligated to

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13 Apr 2010

FREE Judgement Day Show Tonight at Amoeba in Berkeley

I really don’t know what else to say about Judgement Day that we haven’t already said here, here, and here.  Quite simply, they are bad ass!  So instead I’ll tell you how I feel about Amoeba: If god had a basement, it would look like Amoeba Records. What used to

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01 Apr 2010

FREE Surfer Blood Show at Amoeba Records on Tonight!

Why don’t I ever learn my lesson?  If I want to see a show, I should buy tickets at the moment they go on sale.  Instead, I put it off, put it off, put it off, the show invariably sells out, and I pout and bitch about the unfairness of

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06 Mar 2010

FREE King Baldwin Show Tonight

Remember awhile back when Dubious Ranger wrote me a theme song?  Yeah, that was pretty badass.  Well some of the guys from the band have teamed up with another one of my local favorites, Bhi Bhiman to create a band called King Baldwin. Tonight is the release party for their

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20 Oct 2009

FREE Weezer Show in San Francisco!!

Holy shit!  Break out your cardigan and horn-rimmed glasses…oh wait, you’re probably already wearing them, you dirty hipster scum.  My dear friend Aaron just hipped me to the fact that there is a FREE Weezer show tomorrow (Wednesday) night at The Regency.  Apparently this is a Myspace Secret show, which

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