27 Jan 2011

Help a Homo Out and Save the Broke-Ass Heroes at the Lyon-Martin Clinic This Sunday!!

As the city flirts every so often with the mainstream and homogeny, that which makes us different becomes all the more dear- which requires some upkeep. Since 1979 the Lyon- Martin Clinic has been one of the most dependable caretakers for those whom mainstream medicine has deemed non-priorities. If you

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27 Dec 2010

$2 Brewskie Madness Every Monday at the Lone Star

One thing the current owners wanted to retain when they took over the Lone Star Saloon a year ago was the blue collar charm and clientele. Although blue collar is an increasingly rare species in these parts, menu-wise the bar seems to be doing it’s best to keep it’s watering

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07 Jul 2010

Meet Tyler Florence Today and Find Out if He's Gay

I kind of hate The Food Network by virtue of an ex I lived with who made me suffer through countless homemade Italian meals from Giada, dozens of secret ingredients and frenzied kitchen helpers on “Iron Chef,” and clearly not enough cooking-for-dummies lessons courtesy of Rachael Ray since I still

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15 Apr 2010

50¢ Drinks While They Last at the LookOut on Tax Day

Tax day looms on the horizon for a lot of people, but for people in the service industry, its passing is always highly anticipated.  Like giving things up for Lent and making new year resolutions, the months following Christmas and leading up to tax day inspire the average consumer to

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08 Mar 2010

$2 Bulleit Bourbon Shots Thursdays at Bourbon Boys

Cheap drink specials are great, but the rub is that the liquor featured usually isn’t.   Which is why the latest Thursday night binger’s jackpot is Truck‘s Bourbon Boys.  From ten ’til two, less than clothed guys are pouring $2 shots of Bulleit Bourbon in an overheated bar decorated like

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04 Feb 2010

Speak-up Please: Queer Community Meeting on Living, Working and Gentrification in SF

Queer? Angry? Something on your mind? Well you’re in the right town, right? Hmm, good question. Activism seems a little play nice these days. Rally! Just don’t irritate people. Um, maybe, but we still have tons of places to get wasted and trashy’. Well, that depends.  You, say,  can’t hang

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22 Jan 2010

Ryan's Famous "Am I Gay?" Litmus Test

As a full blown queer living in San Francisco, a shocking number of my straight friends have confided in me that they’ve had homosexually charged erotic fantasies. From what I’ve observed, it appears as though everyone has had at least one secret experience that made them feel a  little faggy,

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