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17 Jan 2020

California’s $220 Billion Budget is Doing What Trump Refuses to Do

As recently as 2009, California was virtually broke. Facing a $24 billion deficit on a budget of approximately $100 million, the state furloughed employees, paid I.O.U.’s instead of tax refunds, and used every type of financial chicanery to move stuff around. At one point, the deficit was feared to be

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22 Oct 2018

What the Rise of Holistic Health Care Means for You

Consumers have a whole host of health treatments available today. However, more and more are choosing non-invasive, holistic health options to help everything from depression and anxiety to the common cold. Holistic health continues to rise in popularity. Here are a few of the reasons millennial consumers are choosing non-invasive

07 Sep 2009

FREE Workshop on Health Care and Insurance for the Arts Community

This is fairly appropriate for today considering that I had to cut my road trip short due to sickness.  Seriously, yesterday was one of the sickest days of my adult life.  It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles, and while my friends were at a rooftop pool, I was

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