27 Jun 2018

7 Reasons to Kick-Off Your Summer with Demo Nights

Summer is here, the heat is on and presumably we’re all looking for just the right spectacle to put us into that sweet summer mood.  So what’s the best way to start your summer madness out on the right foot? Thursday through Saturday, you can find out at Demo Nights,

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16 Jan 2018

Hip Hop is Everywhere in Oakland

By Amanda Davis I’ve been an avid concert-goer since about 8 years old (thanks mom!) and I’ve seen tons of artists all over California. But since moving to the Bay Area, I’ve noticed something incredibly special about Oakland’s music scene compared to other parts of the Bay. It really is

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13 Nov 2017

Watching Ta-Nehisi Coates Shadowbox With White Nonsense In San Francisco

Guest Post by Sayre Piotrkowski For most of the past month I have been reading We Were Eight Years In Power by my favorite author, Ta-Nehisi Coates. The book is something like a greatest hits collection culled from Coates’ work in the pages of the Atlantic magazine. Nine essays, eight

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25 Apr 2012

How to Be a Dancing Queen on a Budget

The answer to this question is easy:  smear on massive amounts of lipstick, back-comb your wig into voluminous perfection, climb up onto a table, and shake your thing because hips don’t lie, honey!  Oh, wait.  So you just want to learn how to dance like a pro, but don’t have

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28 Mar 2012

Win Tickets to Sisterz of the Underground, A Night of All Female Hip-Hop Performances including Kid Sister

So I’m pretty much just copying and pasting the press release into this post right now. I feel like a total dipshit doing this but I’m super slammed this week, so tough titties.  All the info for the event is below. You can win a pair of tix by emailing

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01 May 2009

Open Bar, Live Music, and Hip-Hop Photography…um, Yes Please.

For those that made it to the recent Fuck the Recession Party or the release party for my SF book, you’ll remember the inimitable Richie Cunning.  He blows me away every time I see him play, so I’ve kinda taken up stalking him.  It’s nothing too crazy, I’m not like driving by his

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