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06 Feb 2012

Get a Glimpse of SF’s Old School Movie Theaters at the SFPL

San Francisco can be surprising in unfortunate ways sometimes. For an urban center, an amazing amount of historic buildings in the city remain intact. You can walk down some streets in this town and every house on the block is the same one that was there a hundred years ago.

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26 Apr 2011

Follow the Beat: Beat Generation Archivist Rediscovers America

Get your snapping fingers ready and your Jack Kerouac boners up (I know you have them): Author Bill Morgan is gonna take us across this great nation of ours as only the Beatniks saw it tonight at the San Francisco Public Library! I don’t understand the Allen Ginsberg phenomenon (read:

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02 Sep 2010

Cruise Down Mission with Why I Ride: Low and Slow

From the plate glass windows and penny arcades to the small plate restaurants and stylish swill holes, Mission Street changes her gown to accommodate her guests as often as the seasons change elsewhere. Somewhere in between the women in the picture hats and the latest bumper crop of flannel and

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco) 0