01 Nov 2019

Millennials Experience “Load Rage” Over Slow Download Speeds

“Roughly 5,342 years remaining. Please do not turn off your computer.” Gen Xers who came of age during the AOL era look back on warnings like this with nostalgia. Load rage wasn’t a thing then. For millennials, however, nothing causes more indignation than a download lasting more than five seconds.

05 Jun 2019

Is This the Worst Roommate Interview Ever?

Worst Roommate Search Ever: Part 1 – The “Spiritual Millennial” The second episode of Shaky Ground is here and you’re gonna laugh your ass off! This time we tackle the finding a new roommate for your rent controlled apartment. Searching Craigslist & Facebook to fill a room in a rent controlled

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29 Apr 2019

Will Millennials Ever Be Able to Retire?

Guest Post by Ainsley Lawrence Millennials have had some pretty intense experiences over the years. They’ve seen life with and without the internet, have lived through economic crises on a global scale, and have watched the traditional ways to create a career and invest their hard-won cash erode beneath their

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22 Jun 2017

How many ways can we ruin sushi? And why it matters

By Jesse McGrath In the aggressively hip neighborhood in Brooklyn where I live, there is a sushi place that I walk by every single day on my way home from work. There is some sparse indoor and outdoor seating, which is nearly always full, regardless of the time of day,

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