Neo Nazis

22 Mar 2020

White Supremacist Groups Push to Spread Coronavirus to Cops and Jews

As if things couldn’t get any worse, we’ve now got Nazis encouraging each other to spread coronavirus to the police and to Jews. According to this story that just came out on ABC News, the FBI released a report on Thursday saying it has intercepted online messages from far right

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31 Jan 2020

Far Right, Anti-Muslim Activist is Coming to “Cleanup” SF Homeless Camps

Guest post by tree This Saturday, far-right, Islamophobic activist Scott Presler will be heading to San Francisco on his anti-homeless “cleanup” tour, inspired by the Twitter rants of Donald Trump. Presler is working with the San Francisco Republican Party to organize volunteers to gather at an as-yet undisclosed location to rid

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01 Jul 2019

Why Does Contra Costa County Have So Many Nazis?

GUEST POST BY ABRAHAM WOODLIFF FOUND OF BAY AREA MEMES Contra Costa County has always been one of the hardest counties in the Bay Area to define. Some define it by its largest city, Concord – known for its direct view of Mt Diablo, thriving Latinx community, and multiple stops

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