01 Jun 2018

Are Residential Parking Permits Destroying the Planet?

  Guest post by Christian Utzman For the longest time my gasoline bill used to be $20 a month, but these days it’s more like $200. What changed?  Residential Parking Permits (RPP) came to my neighborhood.  RPPs are stickers for your car that allow you to stay parked for longer

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16 Jan 2014

Taxi Driver Loses Control and Parks his Car on Safeway’s Steps!!!

This was just sent to me by the legendary Matt Haze. He says, “Dude, some crazy pics my buddy Freddie DeVeyra (who is a Lyft driver) took 30 min ago at the Church and Market St Safeway! Sheeeezy that is some piss poor driving, medallion holder!” Anyone know what happened

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