Pier 17

17 Oct 2013

Indulge Your Inner Child with a FREE Tour of the TCHO Chocolate Factory

If TV is anything like real life, then you probably got sick the day your family, fifth grade class, or intrepid bunch of crime-fighting, mystery solving youths visited the chocolate factory, missing out on what surely would have been the high point of your sugar-crazed adolescence. You can make up

Nate Cox- Low-Budget Literati 0
20 Feb 2011

FREE Fancy Pants Chocolate and Factory Tour

When I was a kid I was pretty stoked on watching how they made chocolate in the back of the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain. My sister and I would run to check it out while we counted down the seconds until the larger-than-our-heads-(and stomachs)-sugar coma-inducing treats were ready. It took me

Jessica Longo - Two-Bit Reporter 0