Pisco Latin Lounge

26 Jul 2010

FREE Drinks, Cheap Tacos and $5 Bang Trims in the "Microhood" of Mint Slope

You might remember how I feel about completely made up neighborhoods.  I’m not gonna go into my spiel again because you can just click on that link for fuck’s sake.  But the sentiment remains the same. That being said, I’m all about excellent local businesses banding together to celebrate each

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05 Jul 2010

World Cup Deals at Pisco and FREE Pizza at Palio D'Asti

So here’s the thing.  See that picture at the top?  That’s me driving a tractor.  I’m currently at my girlfriend’s family’s farm in upstate NY and I’m pretty much trying to be as unplugged as possible.  It’s really a lovely feeling and totally needed.  I’ve even had a garbage plate

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15 Jun 2010

FREE Cachaca Drinks and Cheap Eats at Pisco Latin Lounge

I love it when people send me tips about FREE stuff.  It certainly makes my life easier; I don’t have to troll the internet for an hour or two in the morning looking for some kind of magical surprise to write about.  This tip came in recently and it sounds

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