18 Aug 2014

What Happens if They Stop all the Ellis Act Evictions and the Hyper-Gentrification of San Francisco?

Look outside. Did you see the bombs drop this morning? Did you hear the bullets sizzle? Did you cover your ears to protect yourself from the screams of chaos and desperation? Did you smell the smoke? San Francisco is at war right now. Literally, no, but I wouldn’t reduce it down

Jamal Frederick - Second Hand Scribe 0
26 May 2009

Mad as Hell-Civic Center at 5 p.m. Tonight

Protesting never costs anything (unless you get thrown in the Big House, I guess) and for most San Franciscans is a crowd favorite varying from cause-du-jour to meaningful, visceral, in-your-face shit. Like most Californians know by now, the State Supreme Court handed down their convoluted ruling this morning and, naturally,

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