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24 Aug 2017

When Drunk Teenagers Took Over Outside Lands 2017

Outside Lands was 1 week ago. I usually like to write my festival coverage on the Monday following the event. However, this festival took a long time to recover from. With 50,000+ in attendance each day, it felt like everybody from the Bay Area was there. I saw your mom,

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22 Dec 2014

These Were Some of The Cheapest Homes Sold in San Francisco in 2014

Update: I was wrong these are some of the cheapest homes sold in SF in 2014. Miriam Westberg, a Redfin real estate agent in San Francisco, compiled a list of some of the cheapest homes in San Francisco with a little insight about their price point. That said, if you are interested in buying

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09 Jul 2014

Let’s Play a Game Called: New SF Housing Development OR Giant Air-Conditioner

In Alex Mak’s Architecture Series Part 2 (see part 1 here), we explore the popular new guessing game called “Housing Development OR Giant Air-Conditioner?” This is where San Franciscans walk around the city and try to decide if the new structures going up are actual condominiums or simply large industrial air conditioners.

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03 Dec 2013

Gold Rush Era Real Estate was Actually More Expensive than Modern Day San Francisco

San Francisco during the Gold Rush in 1851 (wikipedia) As we all know, due to San Francisco’s second digital gold rush, real estate is unfathomly expensive right now. I mean, the average price for a one bedroom apartment is $2,800! While that shit is absolutely ridiculous it got me thinking

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