15 Sep 2011

Catch the Fights at McKenzie’s Bar

It is extremely hard to justify the expense of a pay per view fight, 45 dollars for three hours of fights when you can’t be assured anything cool will happen is tough to swallow. However sometimes you just need to see dudes with bad tattoos hit each other and rather

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20 Aug 2011

Dollar Sake at Oozora Sake House

Nestled tightly between a 7-11 and a tattoo parlor, Oozora Sake House is a new restaurant in the Richmond that appeals to the broke ass in all of us. I would often drunkenly walk by Oozora in order to get some sort of carbohydrate from 7-11 to stem my impending

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24 Jul 2011

Hard Knox Cafe: Cheap Southern Homestyle Cooking

I’ve yet to come across a joint in San Francisco with tastier, cheaper southern style cooking than Hard Knox Cafe in the Richmond. Southern homestyle food is probably the last thing that comes to mind when one thinks of San Francisco. That perception is soon to change. Hard Knox offers

02 Jan 2011

Demolish Your New Year's Resolution at Blue Fin Sushi's Happy Hour

According to my extremely reliable Google search methods, weight loss is the most common New Year’s resolution, among, incredibly, wanting to drink less alcohol (because who would ever want that??  Boring).  I don’t want to necessarily lose weight, but it would be nice to eat way healthier and, say, run

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26 Dec 2010

Build the Perfect Sandwich at Lou's Cafe

I almost don’t want to write about Lou’s Cafe because the more people who know about it, the more people will check it out and inevitably come back again and again — that’s how good the sandwiches are.  But then I thought about the fact that Lou’s is in the

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04 Jul 2010

Stuff Yourself With Pizza Orgasmica's Lunch Special!

I have a thing for pizza pie, especially pizza pie from Pizza Orgasmica.  I know there’s three locations — one in the Richmond, one in the Financial District and one in the Marina — but the only one I’ve been to is on Clement Street so that’s the one I’m

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11 Apr 2010

San Francisco: Home to the Coolest Video Rental Shops Ever

I was talking to a friend the other day about video rental places.  She marveled that they’re still around because of companies like Netflix, but I argued that there’s a certain charm in the routine of physically going into a movie place, browsing the shelves, and waiting for the moment

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