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03 Feb 2020

Trendy Self-Care Mantras Are Destroying Your Life

by Laurie Riihimaki  In the last decade, there has been a big switch in the way we perceive mental health. Now, the topic of mental health is widely talked about and the stigma is being slowly wiped away. A lot of the positive and open conversation about mental health has

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17 Oct 2019

The Commodification of Self-Care: What It Is and What It Isn’t

By Kate Harveston The revolution won’t be televised. It will be commodified — probably by Nike and Pepsi. However, the McResistance isn’t the only thing being appropriated and commodified. It’s everything else under the sun, too. Take the concept of self-care. It’s a well-intentioned phrase that a million Instagram hashtags

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04 Jan 2019

Sucking at Self-Care: A San Francisco Saga

Our new column The Wanderer follows young writer Tess F. Stevens through different threads of San Francisco culture, experiences, and issues. She hopes to challenge, connect and define some of the things we find difficult to put into words.  Self-care has become a necessary evil for anyone who wants to appear

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