09 Mar 2012

Making Decisions as a Broke-Ass Mom

Last week I received an interesting question that got me thinking: “In what world is a $500 stroller broke-ass?” Although it just so happens that a stroller is a lot cheaper than buying a car (the BOB is our car), and we also bought it used for $200 (in the

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13 Jan 2012

Nursery Redone, Broke-Ass Mom style

I read an article this week about the “Must-Haves” for a nursery. What really caught my attention was the fact that the author was claiming that these were the “essentials”. And I thought, “Why not Broke-Ass this up for my readers this week?” Here is the list of essentials provided

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02 Sep 2011

Broke-Ass Mom: Making Room for Baby

Living in an urban setting? Do you have a new squatter growing in your belly? Want desperately to retain your one-bedroom apartment from your bachelor days? Do it!  You’ll be seen as the “cool parents” on the block, and even the suburbanites will yearn for your life.  Just don’t let

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