06 Aug 2019

FREE School Supplies for Green Educators

Via – THE EAST BAY DEPOT FOR CREATIVE REUSE It’s that time of year again… It’s the Back to School Giveaway for Green Educators! August 3-11th our Green Educators can pick up 2 grocery bags full of materials & supplies for their classrooms FOR FREE! In addition to traditional teaching

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26 Mar 2019

Kamala Harris Says She will Give Teachers a $13,500 raise

The Bay Area’s own Kamala Harris is making headlines today because of her plan to raise the average teacher’s salary in America by $13,500.  The former San Francisco District Attorney announced the plan at a rally in Houston, claiming she would make the largest-ever federal investment in educators’ pay if

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25 Aug 2017

A Back to School Guide for Broke SF Educators (and How Parents Can Help!)

Guest Post by Katie Hunter, Special Education Teacher in SFUSD Struggling to hold on to that last bit of summer as hard as you’re struggling to pay rent in the Bay? Wondering whether you’ll buy extra wine or classroom supplies to prepare for a new school year, because you can only

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02 Aug 2013

FREE Materials and Classroom Supplies for Bay Area Teachers

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we can all agree that the people who are educating future generations of Americans don’t get paid enough money. On top of that, many of the schools they work for don’t have the money to furnish educators with all the supplies

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06 Sep 2009

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse: “Every Teacher’s First Stop and Every Artist’s Second Home”

Maybe you’re a preschool teacher who needs 75 toilet paper rolls for a class project.  Maybe your pants ripped and you need a new button, zipper, or fabric for patching.  Maybe you’re a crafter or artist and need some art supplies.  Maybe you just got an apartment and need some

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