The Sam Chase

20 Jan 2020

Top 20 Bay Area Bands of 2019

As long as I’m making playlists you can’t complain that you’re having trouble discovering new music in the Bay Area. I have a love-hate relationship with creating TOP 20 playlists of local bands. On one hand, the playlist becomes my favorite thing to listen to for the next year. Additionally,

Stefan Aronsen 0
22 Jun 2015

A Love Song To San Francisco

Brand Spankin’ New music video by The Sam Chase – ‘I Sold My Soul To The City‘ just released this morning.  A whiskey filled ballad featuring good looking tattoos, woman, and the iconic Roxy Theater.  I first got to see The Sam Chase at Broke-Ass Stuart’s Bar Mitzvah where they held court for more than

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 0
29 Apr 2015

Broke-Ass Stuart’s Bar Mitzvah Party: Celebrating 13 Years in SF

Guess what guys? I’ve been in SF for about 13 years so I’m throwing “Broke-Ass Stuart’s Bar Mitzvah Party”! This will be the last bit of the fundraiser to help grow up. While the Indiegogo is still going, you can get your tickets here. Starting Saturday you can get them on The

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