06 Aug 2011

San Francisco Theater Festival Sunday August 7th

This year the San Francisco theater festival has nestled down right on the shores of the bay in Fort Mason. The festival will be presenting 135 shows in just over six hours time spread throughout 15 venues scattered in the nooks and crannies of the Fort Mason Center. According to

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28 Jul 2011

4-Star Theatre – An Outer Richmond Survivor

In the land of Netflix, the neighborhood theater is a dying breed. As can be seen by the recent passing of San Francisco’s iconic repertory theater The Red Vic it is becoming increasingly difficult for theaters to put butts in the seats. However The 4-Star Theater on Clement has outlasted

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31 May 2011

Tonight! Drink a Beer, Enjoy FREE Theater

Traditional theater is great, but it’s lacking in a variety of ways. Plays are expensive, and they often run really long. The audience is frequently populated with the well-to-do and the snobby, and if you get wasted, they’ll kick you out. Fortunately, thanks to FunCheapSF, I’ve learned of a solution:

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10 Mar 2011

Half-Price Tickets to Absolutely San Francisco

Always wanted to go to a musical, but could never really afford it? Don’t miss your chance to see a hilarious performance about life in San Francisco for half-price this weekend only! Back by popular demand after its three month run last year, Absolutely San Francisco re-opens March 11th in

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10 Jan 2011

The Grand Lake Theatre: Free Popcorn and the Flicker of Celluloid

During the Depression, movie houses were havens of escapism from the grim realities outside-a dreamlike vacation for a pittance.  They would even have cool things like entertainment and promotional give-aways to drum up business.  You caught the double feature, got a little soft shoe and walked out with a stoneware

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29 Oct 2010

Renounce Halloween and See Some Theater Instead!

Halloween’s always been kind of an “eh” holiday for me.  Maybe it’s because I live in San Francisco, where almost every weekend gives you an excuse to dress up in some ridiculous ensemble and get wasted at 10am (read:  B2B, Pride Weekend, WORLD SERIES) or maybe I’m just not very

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