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09 Jul 2010

Pay What You Can to See Tommy Wiseau's Cult Classic The Room

Few films have affected me as deeply as 2003’s The Room, starring, written and directed by the now cult icon Tommy Wiseau.  This movie really gets at serious, universal issues, such as breast cancer, infidelity, betrayal, and (SPOILER ALERT!) suicide in the most hilarious manner possible, which can be described only as

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23 Jun 2010

Learn to Swing Dance for FREE in Union Square!

In general, I’m not a huge fan of dancing — naturally, I feel extremely uncomfortable when confronted with my complete lack of rhythm — but I’ll tell you what I DO like:  swing dancing.  I think it’s as much the idea as the actual act:  the music, the fashion, the

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30 May 2010

Owl Tree — FREE Food During Weekday Happy Hour!

I don’t hang out in the Union Square area often.  It’s too loud and schizo for me between the tourists, the crackheads and the street performers gyrating to Michael Jackson songs and beating the shit out of trash cans.  But one bar I will brave the thousands of Street Sheet

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21 May 2010

Cafe Dolci: The Cheapest Sandwich Shop in San Francisco?

I think I may have found the cheapest sandwich shop in San Francisco. It’s so cheap that I am telling everyone to go eat there, and not because I’m a particularly generous or helpful person, mind you. I just want everyone to spend their money on this food because I

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06 Apr 2010

A Pessimist’s Guide to Becoming an “Artist” in San Francisco

With the Art Institute, Academy of Art, and CCA making their homes here, the Bay Area is rife with young ‘œartists,’ the local galleries teeming with amateurish art shows.  (There, I said it. And I’ll warn you now that if you’re already offended, you probably should not read any further.)

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11 Nov 2009

FREE Don Q Rum Tonight at Cantina

The other day Live the Lush Life got at me on twitter and because of it I learned a lot.  I learned that A) they existed, B) they have a fuckload more twitter followers than me (ahem…that means you you should totally follow me) and C) that there’s a bunch

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22 Oct 2009

$7.00 7 Days a Week: Urban Tavern Puts Out a Lunctime Lure for Fall

Just because you have moths flitting out of your pockets doesn’t mean you’ve been relegated to buffets, taquerias and the ilk if you’re dining out. Like our wise Stu points out numerous times in his guide, San Francisco can be a beggars paradise of quality delectables if you play your

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