20 Feb 2011

FREE Fancy Pants Chocolate and Factory Tour

When I was a kid I was pretty stoked on watching how they made chocolate in the back of the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain. My sister and I would run to check it out while we counted down the seconds until the larger-than-our-heads-(and stomachs)-sugar coma-inducing treats were ready. It took me

Jessica Longo - Two-Bit Reporter 0
08 Apr 2009

Macy's Flower Show – Pretty Shit to Look At

I was walking near Union Square the other night, on the way to a friend’s birthday party, when I passed by Macy’s display window.  I noticed that it was once again the time of year for the store’s Flower Show.  While this year’s theme is “A Bohemian Garden”, after looking at

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