05 Aug 2014

WIN A FREE COPY: Mike Force’s ‘Don’t Shoot Important People’

Win a copy of Mike Force’s, friend of BAS, latest collection of comics, Don’t Shoot Important People – a chronicled collection of his work from 2004-2014. His description of the comic tells us that the book explores “the potential conspiracy behind Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination Mike Force travels to Memphis where he accidentally

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25 Mar 2011

Win Tickets to Pomplamoose Show at CELLspace Tomorrow!

The Disposable Film Festival, one of my favorite events in the city, is back!  It kicked off last night in the Castro, but don’t worry if you missed it — the rest of this year’s lineup is super awesome and features lots of cool, FREE stuff (like Sunday’s FREE brunch and

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03 Nov 2010

Get Extra Use Out of Your Halloween Costumes at the Giants Parade Today

Even if you’re not crazy into baseball, you have to be excited about our city’s HUGE win in the World Series (unless you have a heart of stone or are a filthy Yankee fan), if only for the sheer amount of joy permeating the air last night.  By “joy,” of

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