92y tribeca

25 Jan 2012

“The Telephone Book” at 92Y Tribeca

Look, I’m not a big film person. I like movies… some mainstream, some a bit more obscure. But I’m not some film snob. I don’t discriminate; I’ll see anything. So when my roommate told me about this screening, I thought I’d share. “The Telephone Book,” a 1971 gem, is screening

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22 Jan 2011

Everything’s Better with Beer: Beer Goggles at 92Y Tribeca

I probably don’t really need to tell you that beer makes things more fun. Parties…bowling…sitting/walking/standing… add a cold one and anything’s more of a party. The folks at 92Y Tribeca get this, too, and have launched a monthly Beer Goggles film series in which they screen a night of themed

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