17 Jul 2017

We wanna send you to the Van Jones and Roc Nation We Rise Tour!

Van Jones & Roc Nation are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership and nationwide event tour: WE RISE TOUR powered by #LoveArmy. WE RISE will bring an array of artists, athletes, thought leaders and local leaders to cities across the country this summer. Van Jones, a renowned activist, CNN commentator

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17 Jun 2017

Justice for Philando Castile Rally in Oakland Tonight

Was just made aware of this by William Fitzgerald. Philando Castile was the man shot and killed in his car, for absolutely nothing, while his wife live-streamed it on Facebook. His four year old daughter was also in the car. The officer was just acquitted of his murder. Our justice

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23 Apr 2017

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions

Broke-Ass Stuart is now accepting poetry submissions to be featured in his Arts and Culture column. Written & curated by Corinne Avganim It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Times are crazy! As a kid, I was told I was lucky – our parents had fought for our civil

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12 Apr 2017

Vigil and Protest Against Chechnya’s LGBT Camps

I was just invited to this on Facebook and I figured it was important for me to pass the information along. Many of you have read the news that there are now concentration camps for gay people in Chechnya. This is a human rights crime and as queer people or

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20 Feb 2017

The Best Anti-Trump Protest Signs

By Mar-Li Pitcher  You know the saying that every cloud has a silver lining? I mean, unless Trump is president, in which case we’re all fucked? Since Republicans were somehow hypnotized by Trump’s rhetoric and allowed Trump to be their candidate, it’s been nothing but an onslaught and a descent

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16 Feb 2017

A Guide to Activism With No Pink Hat

With the “Age Of Trump” upon us, it feels as if the world could fall apart at any moment. That part is not great. BUT. What is great is that many people are finally mobilized to take action on the issues that matter to them. Whether it’s protesting at the

25 Jan 2017

Brave Protesters Hang ‘Resist’ Banner from Crane Near White House

Well this is just incredible! Those of you worried that the weekend’s demonstrations were a one off and that people would go back to regular life, never ye fear! Just look at the beauty above! According to NBC News Greenpeace protesters scaled the big ass 270 foot crane you see

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20 Dec 2016

How To Actually “Make America Great Again”

By Mar-Li Pitcher and Lauryn Petrie  Red banners wave and the exuberant crowd’s cheers of “Make America Great Again” rise to the rafters. The working-class descendants of the Mayflower feel that they have finally found their king. Xenophobia and fear fuel their rabid enthusiasm. Meanwhile, outside, homeless people are having their

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