Animal rights

30 Aug 2018

The March for Total Liberation of Animals in NYC

Since 2016 there have been several Animal Rights Marches around the globe including most recently in London where over 10,000 people showed up. Founded by the UK animal rights group Surge, the marches are a chance for people to show up and fight for the complete liberation of animals. No

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19 May 2017

Law Enforcement On A High Horse: Why Are There Horse Cops in 2017?

By Hannah Harkness  I have always been mystified by horse cops. Until I wrote this article, it was just a stump topic I had for angry bar conversations about law enforcement overreach. I never understood them. I wondered how it could possibly be healthy for horses to do police work.

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11 Oct 2009

An Animal Lover’s Contradictions

I am an avid animal advocate.  I also eat meat.  And I love it. Last week I wrote about the magic and the possibilities emerging in my life right now as I relinquish my vegetarianism and dive back into the world of meats.  I have no problem with the idea

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