29 Aug 2011

Unleash the Geek: FREE Stargazing at the High Line Every Tuesday

Quasars.  Black Holes.  Distant planets, extraterrestrial life forms, and Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”  Space is some deep shit, so deep that my own astronomical studies ended when I realized that I couldn’t figure out my horoscope by using the Doppler Effect.  Nonetheless, astronomy has remained of interest to me, which

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10 Mar 2011

FREE Stargazing Tonight in Central Park

Usually the first thing I like to do as night falls when I’m visiting other places is look up. Like, at the SKY. TO SEE STARS. ‘Member those? Those twinkly little reminders of our oh-so-insignificant place in the world are seldom seen in our great big apple, putting them right

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