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05 Dec 2022

All The Great Stuff Coming To Hulu In December 2022

December is here, and that means it’s time to celebrate the winter holiday season in your own individual way. Some people plan for parties with friends. Others coo over the adoptable kittens and puppies from the SPCA displayed in Macy’s store windows.  And still others will take up the advice

31 Oct 2022

The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In November 2022

Hulu may be unleashing some viewers’ inner Scrooge with a bombardment of Christmas-themed movies. Fortunately, for those who want to avoid saccharine overdose, there are still some worthwhile films to check out this month. See Ryan Coogler’s highly acclaimed directorial debut. Watch Karen Gillan being forced to kill herself, but

15 Feb 2023

The 2023 SF Wine Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the 2023 SF Wine Passport! There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. You get 2-for-1 glasses of wine at 23 of SF’s finest locally owned bars and restaurants for only $39.95! It honestly doesn’t get much better than that. And after the

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04 Oct 2022

All The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In October 2022

Of course October being Halloween month means Hulu offers scary tales or other stories honoring the season.  So this month includes a Halloween special featuring the “Solar Opposites” crew, a remake of “Hellraiser” with “Sense 8”’s Jamie Clayton as Pinhead, and the long-awaited anime version of “Chainsaw Man.” Among the

29 Aug 2022

All The Great Stuff Coming To Hulu In September 2022

Like an old broadcast network slogan says, Hulu in September is the place to be. There are new seasons of the acclaimed “Abbott Elementary,” “Atlanta,” and “Ramy.” For the film fans, the streamer offers this month a well-received punk-rock romance, the new film from the director of “Portrait Of A

31 Jul 2022

All The Great Stuff Coming To Hulu in August

Instead of calling August the month of dog days, it needs to be called the month of “Reservation Dogs” days. That’s because the Taiki Waititi co-created dramedy returns in August for a new season of rez-based hijinks.   The old broadcast networks may have treated August as a programming dumping ground

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04 Mar 2022

The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In March

Hulu wins March by offering some really bold premieres. A documentary history of socialism in America makes clear Faux News is full of it and that Americans owe a huge debt to this political belief.  An award-winning Australian drama about a transgender teen starting her second year of high school

28 Jan 2022

All The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In February

Hulu this February offers a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There are new seasons of popular favorites “Snowfall” and “Rick And Morty.” Catch a classic crime drama that’s part of the National Film Registry or one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s notorious turns as Kazakh reporter

31 Dec 2021

All The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In January

It’s a new year! So what can you watch on Hulu in January when you get tired of seeing yet another New Year’s celebration? Those in a “say goodbye to the old year” mood might be specially ready for the start of the farewell seasons of two beloved shows. Those