14 Jan 2022

Quesabirria: The Delicious Mexican Food Trend with a Cult Following

The cheese is usually mozzarella or Chihuahua.  The meat is beef brisket stewed and marinated for up to 10 hours in a mix of chilies and spices. In addition, one can add chopped white onion and cilantro to the quesabirria. A consommé made from the juices of the sauce used to cook the beef does double duty as both a dipping sauce and a drinkable broth. Finally, these red tacos are served hot

29 Jul 2011

Grab a Cheap Bite At SanJalisco Mexican Restaurant

Prior to a couple of weeks ago SanJalisco had been a name unfamiliar to me. This is probably due to the fact that this restaurant held the name of Los Jarritos for nearly 22 years until the change occurred in 2010. In any case, SanJalisco is one of the best