Black Rock Desert

04 Sep 2014

Spectacles of Burning Man, Year One

You’ve already heard about how Burning Man made it to the Black Rock Desert, but I left off when the Cacophony Zone Trippers had crossed the line into the zone. The only spectacle we brought with us was the Man in the Ryder truck. We, and the vicissitudes of nature, were the spectacle. So you might wonder how we spent the long weekend with only one major entertainment on the agenda and our universally compromised budgets.

P Segal - Bohemian Archivist 0
27 Aug 2014

The City That Was: Cacophony Zone Trip #4 (Burning Man’s First Time In the Desert)

In The City That Was, Bohemian Archivist P Segal tells a weekly story of what you all missed: the days when artists, writers, musicians, and unemployed visionaries were playing hard in the city’s streets and paying the rent working part time.

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