Boerum Hill

16 Jun 2013

Win 2 Tickets to a Rad Performance Installation with FREE Beer and Chocolate

On Saturday, June 22nd, you will have the opportunity to party with experimental music duo C R O W N S at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn for A Canary Torsi’s latest participatory performance installation project, The People to Come. Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, this event will begin

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16 Oct 2012

Win 2 FREE Tickets to the 4th Annual Vital Vox: A Vocal Festival at Roulette on October 29th/30th

I have some great news for one lucky broke-ass and his/her broke-ass friend—you could win a pair of FREE tickets to go see the 4th Annual Vital Vox: A Vocal Festival later this month. But first, here’s some info on what this unique festival is all about. Vital Vox is

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08 Nov 2021

How to Get $300+ Worth of Free Stuff at Rad Bay Area Restaurants

I am extremely excited to announce the release of The Delicious Card! Delicious cardholders get awesome deals at over 37 delectable Bay Area eateries! Membership is a great way to explore new places, support local businesses, AND support local journalism. And all you gotta do is join the Broke-Ass Stuart Patreon for $10

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10 Feb 2012

Let’s Get Pregnant With Comedy at Hank’s Saloon for FREE

The weekend before Valentine’s Day is upon us. Some of you might actually be celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, seeing as it lands on a Tuesday. If that’s the case then there are many events you can attend this weekend. Depending on whether or not this pre-Valentine Weekend date is

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26 Aug 2011

Sunday Arts and Crafts at Boat Bar

So after visiting the Brooklyn Tabernacle for the choir, I’m feeling a little frisky. Where to go, where to go? Well, if you walk down Smith Street I know a little cozy nook in the wall called Boat Bar. Boat is everything you need in a good dive. You have

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02 Aug 2010

I Would Die for the Sandwiches at Hanco’s

I love sandwiches to an embarrassing extent. They are compact and deeply satisfying; making a great one requires an understanding of the delicate nature of balance and portion in food. Also, holy jesus, are they delicious. But sandwiches get a bad rap from time to time, especially when people try

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13 Jan 2010

FREE Youtube Wars at Littlefield

We’ve all been to gatherings that turn into a youtube watching fest. You pull up the one where keyboard cat shows keyboard gato where to stick it. Then your friend busts out a knife defense video for Canadian police officers, and this pattern of nonchalant one upping continues until everyone

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30 Sep 2009

Vicarious US Travel: FREE Reading

Unless you’re Wayne or Garth and you have a green screen in your new studio, then you have to rely on pop culture to take you to the places you’ll never visit. Instead of waiting for Sufjan Stevens to finish an album about each of the 50 states, you can

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