c.w. nevius

14 Oct 2016

Farewell and F*** You, C.W. Nevius

Farewell and good riddance to San Francisco’s most insufferable complainy-pants newspaper columnist C.W. Nevius, whose “Get off my lawn” diatribes for some reason have been published by the San Francisco Chronicle for the last 36 years. Nevius announced he was leaving the Chronicle this week, and we slam the door behind

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training 2
22 Feb 2016

What Needs to be Done About San Francisco’s Tent City

Guest post by Jennifer Friedenbach from the Coalition on Homelessness I met a woman the other day, one of the much maligned tent dwellers, and she told me how awful it is living outside. She is scared all the time, of course, us woman do like having our locked doors,

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