22 Jan 2016

The Amazing Catcalls I’ve Heard in San Francisco

Offensive and off-putting, catcalls are oftentimes a daily part of a woman’s existence. Especially younger women like myself. What gives men the idea that this is something they should do to try to seduce a woman I don’t know. It must work for some of them sometimes, or maybe they like the reaction they get (maybe they get off to the disgust, anger, or freaked-out grimace of the pursued woman)…I’ve never stopped to ask my cat callers, and I don’t think I ever will.

Guest Writer 2
09 Apr 2010

Things People Have Yelled at Me on My Bike in Brooklyn

When you take the subway in New York, you occasionally wind up having conversations with your fellow passengers about cougar attacks, their recent court appearances related to their unleashed dog, and directions for navigating the world after resurfacing. But when you’re navigating through the Burroughs on bike or foot, you

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