child homelessness

09 Feb 2022

Meet the Girl Scout Troop that Empowers Homeless Girls

If you’re hankering for a cookie fix, look no further than Troop 6000’s Girl Scout cookies.  Troop 6000 is a Girl Scout program designed to serve houseless girls in the New York City Shelter System. The troop meets weekly in shelters across the city, led by community volunteers and women

Lydia Sviatoslavsky 1
15 Feb 2018

Activist Put Up Hearts All Over San Francisco

Hearts went up all over San Francisco on Valentines Day, and not because overpriced flowers were getting delivered to the 30th floors of financial district hi-rises.  It was because an SF ‘craftivist’ (craft + political activist) made and hung nearly 700 little, pink, knit hearts all over our city with

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 0