Coalition on Homelessness

22 Feb 2016

What Needs to be Done About San Francisco’s Tent City

Guest post by Jennifer Friedenbach from the Coalition on Homelessness I met a woman the other day, one of the much maligned tent dwellers, and she told me how awful it is living outside. She is scared all the time, of course, us woman do like having our locked doors,

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19 Feb 2016

Why We Should Get Rid of Court Ordered Debt for Low-Income People

Imagine you’re a single parent working as a mechanic and making regular installment payments to the SF court on a couple of traffic tickets you got a couple years ago for speeding and jaywalking. A few months into the payments, your child is diagnosed with a medical condition.

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07 Feb 2016

Next Step for the #TackleHomelessness Super Bowl Protest

Remember last week how we got thousands of people out in the streets to for our Tackle Homelessness Super Bowl Protest? And remember how we made #TackleHomelessness trend on twitter. And remember when nearly every major publication in America wrote about it and showed the world the fuckery perpetrated by Mayor

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