15 Aug 2010

Some Broke-Ass Advice on What Not to Bring to College

Few occasions rise to that uniquely American commercial significance as the Back-To-School shopping season. Its a time rife with rebirth and renewal – both of which can only be obtained via prodigious use of the parental credit card. It’s about being Prepared and Ready with the academic essentials – the

05 Jul 2010

Who Needs College? Get Educated on the Cheap in Brooklyn

We’ve all got something we wish we knew more about. No one is perfect, after all; in fact, most of us are deeply flawed human beings who have no idea what we’re talking about. It’s fine to admit it. I’ll even go first! I do not have a college degree

Polina Yamshchikov - Flirt Poor 1
06 Mar 2010

FREE Knowledge – One More Reason Sarah Palin is Dumb

As someone who is a broke-ass namely because of my outrageously expensive student loans, the recent protests surrounding education funding are hitting really close to home.  What makes this even harder to swallow is watching people in the news like Sarah Palin misspeaking and subsequently subverting the meaning of things

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date 2