22 Mar 2016

The Power & Politics In Bogotá’s Street Art Scene

I have been writing my name on shit since I was in high school. Nothing particularly inspired, mostly text but sometimes I do some stencil work. By and large I tend to identify as a garden variety vandal, not an artist. My awkward fumbling in the world of graffiti grant

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17 Mar 2016

Nose Candy Tourism : Visiting Pablo Escobar’s Compound

Travelling to Medellin Colombia and getting a tour by ex-police officers of the drug lords family home, torture chamber, & final resting place

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19 Jul 2023

The East Bay Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the 2023-2024 East Bay Beer Passport! There’s no better way to explore the East Bay than to literally drink it in. Each passport contains 27 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 27 of the finest locally owned breweries,

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01 May 2015

Get The Fuck Out of San Francisco

Seven words and three consecutive exclamation points: Get the fuck out of San Francisco!!! There. I said it. But wait — this has nothing to do with high rents. Nor does it have to do with tech busses, $7 coffee or anything else akin to getting ear-fucked by a sharp pencil soaked in

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06 Nov 2013

Organ Grind, A South American Food Journal Part 2: The Eerie Charms of Mompox, Colombia.

Mompox, Colombia   When traveling in a strange land with only a hazily defined sense of purpose to guide you, you find yourself pointed towards destinations based on some fairly whimsical pretexts.   The one which inspired me to make a long, harsh journey over unpaved roads perched in the

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24 Oct 2013

Organ Grind: A South American Food Journal, Part 1

                Cartagena’s Plaza de Trinidad   For the last three years I´ve been scraping tips into a pile large enough to finance  a relatively thorough exploration of the lower half of The Americas.  For the purpose of this article, I’m primarily intersted in

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14 Aug 2009

Indian Summer Rainbow Tour – $599 Unlimited Flights with Jet Blue

Recent word on the wires tells us that, in an effort to boost the late summer sales slump, streamlined air carrier, Jet Blue is offering a $599 fly-wherever-you-AND-all-you-want pass for a month.  Bargain? Kinda? If you are unemployed/on holiday, have some money saved and fly more than five times during

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06 Jul 2009

Meet Enrique Penalosa, Former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia

Colombia, especially Bogota, has become a really hot travel destination in recent years.  It’s begun shedding off it’s bad reputation as dangerous and is now attracting people from all over the world.  Bogota’s new found safety and popularly  is due in part to former Mayor Enrique Penalosa.  Come here him

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