Contemporary Jewish Museum

09 Feb 2010

Fuck You Hitler: Mein Kampf Exhibit at the CJM $5

A Jew after my own heart, Linda Ellia has made an art of defacing relics of Nazism.  In 2005 Ellia came across a French translation of Hitler’s infamous memoir Mein Kampf (which means ‘œOur Struggle’ in English).  Holding the thick manifesto in her hands, she felt an immediate visceral response

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23 Dec 2009

What’s a Jew to Do on Christmas Day? Go Where the Wild Things Are!

I don’t like Christmas.  There, I said it.  To some, that may be the disdainful equivalent of hating puppies or ice cream, but the thing is, I wasn’t one of those Jewish kids raised to simply refrain from the celebration, I was raised to be suspicious of it.  While some

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