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04 May 2010

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Are You a Sell Out?

The story that we commonly buy into is that in order to get “x” thing that we want, we need to “sell out,” give up our dreams and work for a company that we don’t believe in. That is not absolutely true, just like following your dreams does not mean you have to be broke. What’s worse is that some of you feel like you are “selling out,” AND you are broke. What if you could do what you love AND thrive in all areas in life? Don’t be a naysayer. If you are reading this and it pisses you off, are you looking for reasons that I could be right about this or all the reasons I am wrong?

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06 Oct 2009

Job Interview

It’s a requirement of adulthood that we have to do things that we don’t want to do to get to the place we want to be. Sometimes jobs suck, but we do them because it gets us to the place we want to be.  Then there are the jobs your

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