Crystal Meth

17 May 2021

Drug-Snorting Passenger With No Shoes Derails Sunday Flight To SFO

Sundays are generally relaxed, hangover days. But the party was apparently still going for one passenger on a JetBlue JFK-SFO flight this past Sunday, as KGO reports that flight was diverted because of a drug-snorting passenger without a mask or shoes, who was also verbally abusive to other passengers, groped

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14 Dec 2009

The Weird and Wonderful World of P.S.A’s

Ah the public service announcement, brief snippets of absurdity, bad acting, and finger wagging, that has been entertaining America and myself for decades. Being a child of the eighties, certain shows and commercial jingles will always stay embedded in my brain taking up viable space for much more useful information,

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