12 Jun 2023

Diversity Since Day 1: Movement Music Festival’s Organic Inclusiveness

What do techno, funk, and hip-hop all have in common? Deep roots in diversity and Detroit. What have been the pillars of Movement Music Festival starting 20+ years ago? See the sentence before this. If it weren’t for black, Latin, Asian, and queer pioneers most of your favorite genres and

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02 May 2023

San Francisco is not Detroit (no offense to Detroit)

San Francisco is not Detroit (no offense to Detroit). -by Alen Nye   San Francisco is where you go to get sexy. And be queer. To get high while getting by. To get hip living on tips. To get paid for getting laid. And get lost on the edge of

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15 Nov 2023

A Local Gift Guide Showcasing East Bay Treasures

‘Tis the season once more, and we find ourselves looking for thoughtful gifts for our favorite people. Explore this gift guide featuring small businesses and local artists showcasing their work in the East Bay. We’ve uncovered unique treasures perfect for gifting while also supporting the heartbeat of our local community.

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08 Aug 2022

What did the People at Mo Pop Festival Want Mo’ of?

Detroit’s Mo Pop Festival, presented by AEG, was back after a 1098-day Covid hiatus. Assuredly the festival, boasting an incredibly diverse crowd and lineup while still showcasing a lot of local love, came back with even mo’ of what the people, artists, and the city want. Even with how fulfilling

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06 Jun 2022

All the Movements We Saw at Movement Electronic Music Festival

These last few years have been something else – full of discovery, disaster, and even some delights. Something that has brought many of us together during all of this has been the causes to support/protect. Something that, more recently, has been bringing more of us together, is the festivals that

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30 Nov 2021

Governor Calls for End to Gun Violence After Teen Allegedly Kills Three, Injures Six in School Shooting

A 15-year-old allegedly killed three people and injured another six Tuesday afternoon at a high school about 40 miles north of Detroit, Michigan.  The Oxford High School sophomore opened fire at the campus Tuesday with a semiautomatic handgun, according to Oakland County undersheriff Michael McCabe during a press conference. The

04 Jun 2019

Movement Music Festival: You’ll RAVE About the Birthplace of Techno’s Biggest Party!

True electronic dance music and (and even hip-hop) fans should check out Movement Music Festival. Why? Because Detroit is the birthplace of techno music and has celebrated this in festival form since 2000 (MMF was fully established in 2006 after taking over for its predecessors). Yes, Euro dance floors are

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10 Aug 2018

World’s First Floating Halfpipe and Art Show

Many great mashups have happened throughout the years; Jay-Z and Linkin Park, peanut butter and jelly, frisbee and golf, you know, disc golf. Well, not all combos are the greatest but who wouldn’t love some extreme sports like vert skateboarding and BMX  AND an art show…. on a boat. Yes,

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13 Jul 2018

How a Dope Music Festival Should Be: Mo Pop

Why Your Festival Should Be Like Mo Pop If you haven’t been to a music festival you’ve either been captive, super broke, or living under a rock in a country without music festivals. For the rest of us, even if you’ve just been to one, you know that some aspects

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