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02 Nov 2017

Gravestones in Dolores Park Pay Homage to Crappy Startups

On Halloween, a startup employee put up an art installation in Dolores Park to honor crappy companies that had gone out of business this year.  The faux gravestones had painfully shitty startups like ‘Juciero’ and ‘Yik Yak’ painted on them, I suppose to remind people how short sighted and useless

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01 Nov 2016

Día De Los Muertos in San Francisco & East Bay

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is coming up November 2nd. There are a ton of events and ways to participate in this Meso-American holiday that honors people who have passed. Before you go, just be sure to read our guide on how to do it the right way and be respectful of cultural traditions. If we missed anything, let us know and we’ll keep adding to the list!

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17 Jun 2022

The San Francisco Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the San Francisco Beer Passport. There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 37 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 37 of the finest locally owned bars,

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16 Mar 2016

The Importance of Being Costumed When You Party

This originally appeared on Fest300 There’s a photo of me floating around out there that virtually guarantees that I can never run for public office (Note: this was obviously written way before I ran for mayor). In it I’m clearly intoxicated, and wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a pink leotard.

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08 Nov 2015

Stunning Altars from San Francisco’s Dia de los Muertos

Our Spanish photographer Hanna Quevedo shows you the serene, handmade, shrines dedicated to those who have left us in the Mission District’s Garfield Park.  Dia de los Muertos, November 2nd, 2015 San Francisco.

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02 Nov 2015

Día de los Muertos In The Mission & The Symphony Hall

If you haven’t had a chance to attend the festival it is a dark and magical event full of candle light, parade, reflection, community, costumes and handmade alters that honor and remember the dead.

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14 Oct 2015

Dia de los Muertos : Do It The Right Way

We’re showing you the significance of the holiday, as well as where to get the best make-up and costume tips. And remember, Dia de los Muertos IS NOT MEXICAN HALLOWEEN…bro

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14 Oct 2014

Win Tickets to Dia de los Muertos event @ SOMArts!

  Gathering the Embers: The Spirit of Home, curators and sisters Natalia and Amanda Vigil celebrate Dia de los Muertos with an evening of performance by emerging and established writers, interdisciplinary performing artists, media makers and musicians. Friday, October 24th, 2014. 

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26 Oct 2012

Come Bar Crawl with Me and Espolón Tequila on Dia De Los Muertos

This is a special time of the year in San Francisco. Not only are the Giants absolutely mopping up in the World Series, but Halloween is almost upon us, and Dia de Los Muertos is right on it’s tail. This year Espolón Tequila has asked me to be the San Francisco brand

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