24 May 2019

The SF Documentary Festival is Here and it Looks Fantastic

The San Francisco Documentary Festival (aka DocFest) has long earned its reputation for cheerfully screwing with the familiar air of film festival stodginess. Sure, DocFest presents film screenings and appearances by film talent, just like other film festivals. But do other festivals also present a heavy metal karaoke party, a chance to ridicule bad art with like-minded others, or “Breakfast Club” Bingo?

the oscars
25 Feb 2017

Oscar Nominated Films You Should Know

No matter if you’re a film junkie, indie elitist or you cling onto every review from Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll either watch the Oscars or hear endlessly about who won what. Cinema has been everything from entertainment to an escape for millions of movie-goers for over 100 years. Whether your preference

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20 Nov 2020

100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2020. Check their links for store hours, menus, and ordering info, because things are always changing these days,

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18 Apr 2016

20 Years of Madness: A Doc about the TV Show You’d Have Made as a Teen

Guest post by Joseph Bien-Kahn  Twenty-two years ago, in a suburb north of Detroit, four kids sat in front of a green screen on a living room set—beat up couch, green-brown recliner, and a fake plant—to create some sort of unsettling acid trip dubbed the “The Jerry White Jr. Show”.

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25 Feb 2016

10 Documentaries Needed for True NYC Appreciation

New York City is and has been a melting pot of different cultures since the beginning of European colonization. It has also been a place where many of our favorite pop culture moments and social justice movements have begun. An inspirational and exasperating city, here are a few documentaries to

05 Nov 2015

Nina Simone, Janis Joplin and Laurie Anderson Documentaries On Tap This Weekend at Doc Stories Festival

It’s Christmas for documentary nerds this weekend as the Doc Stories festival starts tonight and plays all weekend at the Vogue Theater. You’ve got a Nina Simone documentary, a Janis Joplin documentary, a ‘vigilantes vs. drug cartel’ documentary and Laurie Anderson’s documentary about her dead dog. I swear to god

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11 Dec 2011

FREE Rooftop Films: Occupy Wall Street Film Series Dec. 13th-16th

        Rooftop Films has decided to support the Occupy Wall Street movement in one of the most awesome ways possible: FREE films! From Dec. 13-16, four films featuring issues that helped ignite the movement will be shown at various theaters throughout New York. According to the Rooftop Films’

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01 Jul 2010

An Open Letter to the Second Coming of the Hair of Williamsburg

Dear Hair: Let’s be clear here: you are not THE Hair of Williamsburg. It’s almost worse this way, because I do not have a legion of similarly mystified people to commiserate with about any trauma a sighting may have induced. Oh no, you are my own personal horror story. The

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