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05 Apr 2023

How To Plan Your Escape From Alcatraz Swim

Fleeing the unescapable Alcatraz has been part of the collective consciousness since the prison island’s inauguration in 1939, up until today. Conquering the temperamental, frigid waters separating shackles from sweet freedom have been the fodder for movies, books, video games, and songs. However, is planning your escape from Alcatraz impossible?

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20 Jan 2022

Seals are Biting Swimmers Near Fisherman’s Wharf

Members of San Francisco’s Dolphin Club have been getting bitten lately while swimming in the frigid waters of Aquatic Park Cove, just around the corner from Fisherman’s Wharf. Why these people like to swim in that murky, 50-degree, harbor water in the winter is a question for psychologists.

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